Voting in Columbus

by BillG on November 2, 2004

Bush people were everywhere on our street this morning. German Village has narrow, brick-lined streets, and traffic backed up for blocks as they came in. Leaders with walkie-talkies were marshalling them to their assignments. They respected my lawn sign and were contrite when I complained about the W04 placard that had been placed on my windshield. This is an amazing effort.

Voting itself was anti-climatic. I got in line at 6:30AM, voted at 8:00AM. No challengers or operatives in the poll itself. Very quiet and neighborly (as befits Ohio). Ohio law forbids even wearing buttons in the polling place.



Tom T. 11.02.04 at 11:41 pm

At my polling place in Arlington, Virginia, I waited three full hours to vote. One police cruiser was stationed across the street all morning, and a second one cruised by slowly from time to time, while the officer inside stared at the line of people. The line was forced to stretch into the street, where garbage trucks rolled by just inches away. A county surveyor disrupted the line at one point, laying down markings that the county apparently decided had to be done right there and then. Quiet electioneering was common, with several people wearing buttons, stickers, and T-shirts for the locally-favored candidate (whose name starts with K). What looks like voter intimidation to some people looks like business as usual to others.


BillG 11.03.04 at 12:57 am

Unfortunately, I came home and found one of my window flower boxes knocked down. We’d moved the KE04 lawn sign there. Probably vandalism, but I can’t say for sure. Certainly less serious than other incidents I’ve heard about against either side.


jet 11.03.04 at 1:31 am

My place was a dark empty looking building with no outside signs saying that the poll was there. There was no line and only a few of the boths had people in them. And alas, my vote to stop the amending of the state constitution was for not. Stupid do-gooders.


Micah 11.03.04 at 4:00 am

There was no climate while you voted? :-) Guess that makes it easy…


Micah 11.03.04 at 4:09 am

There was no climate while you voted? :-) Guess that makes it easy…

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