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by Henry Farrell on February 1, 2005

Crooked Timber aren’t the only lefties to be attacked for failing to celebrate the Iraqi elections before the sun hit the yardarm yesterday morning. Intrepid sleuth-columnist, “Justin Darr”:, of Renew America, is on the case. He outs “Stephen Bainbridge”:, that notorious “radical”: and bête-noir of the “Republican establishment”:, and Stephen Green, the saturnine Svengali behind Bolshevik agitprop collective “Vodkapundit”:, as undercover members of the “Let’s Pretend It Didn’t Happen Faction” of the allied Internet Liberal Bloggers of America.

bq. a group who broke with the traditional liberal habit of talking endlessly about anything so long as it can be twisted into a childish penis reference about Vice President Cheney, and said nothing.

Still, Mr. Darr is more charitable than Ms. Malkin – he acknowledges that there may be an innocent explanation for the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’s failure to blog on Iraq by lunchtime.

bq. Perhaps it was unfair of me to look into their sites on Sunday afternoon when so many liberals are just beginning emerge from the drug induced haze of their traditional weekend medicinal marijuana benders.



nadezhda 02.01.05 at 5:03 am

According to the bio blurb at the end of his article:
“Justin is an expert in political philosophy, western world history, and the development of American society. He has worked on various political campaigns at all levels, served as an election official to verify ballot counts, and is a well know “aggressive debater” to all that know him. He is also a fountain of relatively useless knowledge due to years of University study.”

Well, at least now we know one of those sentences is accurate.


George 02.01.05 at 5:08 am

What a dope.


Ted Barlow 02.01.05 at 5:14 am

Oh, Planet Winger. How can I stay mad at you?


Sven 02.01.05 at 5:36 am

Winger. That reminds me, What happened to The Poor Man?


Delicious Pundit 02.01.05 at 6:07 am

What happened to The Poor Man?

He was eaten by his redesign.


Nabakov 02.01.05 at 6:12 am

There’s nothing medicinal about my weekend marijuana bender.

But now I’m up, it’s good to know that once again we can say “Mission Accomplished”.


H 02.01.05 at 6:15 am

“…when so many liberals are just beginning emerge from the drug induced haze of their traditional weekend medicinal marijuana benders.”

Marijuana? For CT I thought it was heroin.


George 02.01.05 at 6:17 am

Egad, I just read the actual article. In keeping with CT tradition, I’m going to assume that it is a hoax because a real conservative could not be so in character — smug, clueless, belligerent and boring at the same time. Nazis in Argentina? Liberal bloggers hate God? Brandon and Brittany?


Chris 02.01.05 at 8:39 am

MAN that quote captures exactly what I was thinking earlier today… Crooked Timber is an okay website and all, but can’t you turn up the dial a bit on the Dick-Cheney-penis jokes? Come on, it’s like Ms. Waring’s pony — every post could be that same post PLUS a DICK-Cheney joke! Just think it over.


belle waring 02.01.05 at 12:08 pm

hey chris–I like your thinking. speaking personally, we here in Singapore are hours ahead of US time, and I was still up from the night before, when I had been hitting the crack-laced, formaldehyde soaked, chronic-filled blunt pretty hard. plus lotsa meth and rye.


des von bladet 02.01.05 at 1:09 pm

Hey, Belle, how come you never put useful recipes like that on your blog, huh?

Mmmm… crack-laced, formaldehyde soaked, chronic-filled blunt pie!


jet 02.01.05 at 1:58 pm

Wasn’t CT just bitching at the war-bloggers the other day for the same thing? What was it about? Oh yeah, CT ran a thread ranting about how the war-bloggers hadn’t mentioned anything about the end of the WMD search in Iraq. Maybe they were just taking a cue from you?


Henry 02.01.05 at 2:52 pm

Maybe Jet – but did they have to out two of our most successful fifth columnists??


norbizness 02.01.05 at 3:29 pm

The Poor Man is back up in some sort of form after being dumped by his provider.

Not to excessively site-pimp, but I did post a few “sufficient enthusiasm” tips over the weekend.


IanJ 02.01.05 at 4:15 pm

Er…am I the only CT reader who did get the impression the response to the elections was a bit slow in coming…and that that might just mean a case of sour grapes…?


Mary Kay 02.01.05 at 6:09 pm

I had never thought to be thankful that the liberal blogs I frequent do not regularly feature jokes about Dick Cheney’s penis. I am though and I am torn between wanting to know which sites do in order to avoid them and not wanting to know such things exist at all.




perianwyr 02.01.05 at 6:13 pm

I think that I speak for many when I say that cock jokes of all persuasions, be they liberal or conservative, are A-OK.


jet 02.01.05 at 6:52 pm


You are absolutely correct. They crossed the line when they blew the whistle on some of your deepest undercover writers.

A completely unwarranted escalation. I say you fight fire with fire and let the world know Andrew Sullivan is a pnc fr Bsh.


Ereshkigal 02.01.05 at 8:29 pm

Here in Oklahoma, we incorporate childish penis references into law! We get national coverage!

CockfightCockfightCockfight!!! who needs Cheney?

We started using lots of marijuana to help us come down from our workweek meth binges, but now that it’s harder to make meth we will probably stay high on weed all the time.

Life in this red state is a constant celebration of other nation’s ghost elections.


Martin Pike 02.03.05 at 1:37 am

We had the same rubbish spouted on Australian RWDB sites.

There were plenty of lengthy lefty posts on the topic, but they were completely and selectively ignored.

I used trackback to send my own post to about 10 of the conservatives running this line, but none bothered to amend their posts. I noted plenty of them popped over for a look though…

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