Kimberly Morgan on Childcare

by Henry on May 3, 2005

Kimberly Morgan, who guestblogged with us a couple of weeks ago, spoke a little while ago on the BBC World Service about the politics of childcare in Western Europe and the United States. It’s a great interview.



Judy Satin 05.04.05 at 9:26 am

Interesting interview, but I heard a lot more discussion about the alleged economic benefits of “Universal Preschool” than whether or not daycare is good for kids

The following website is of the opinion that government subsidies unfairly support families that use institutionalized child care vs. those that don’t:

Follow this link for a VERY different take on the
history of childcare than what was presented during the interview.


Zigi Goldberg 05.04.05 at 9:43 am

Certainly, this was a good in-depth discussion with professors Morgan and Jensen promoting Early Childhood Education (aka daycare).

However,the interview seemed one-sided…
As controversial as this subject is, why weren’t any any opposing viewpoints represented?

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