Ted Nugent’s custody arrangements

by Harry on May 18, 2005

I’ve done some fairly elaborate googling on this, and have found out much more than I want to know about Ted Nugent, but haven’t found what I want. I remember many years ago reading a story about the custody arrangements after one of his divorces; he and his ex-spouse agreed that instead of the kids moving back and forth between them, they would move in and out of the house in which their children were permanent residents. This is the nicest thing I’ve ever heard about Ted Nugent, including his music. Unfortunately, whatever references there are on the internet are hard to find because they are obscured by disputes over Ted’s tendency to produce further children (as well as sawing his leg off). I found one reference to it in a comment on a blog, but would rather cite something more authoritative when I write about this. Can anyone point me to an authoritative account fo Ted Nugent’s innovative custody arrangements.



Vicki White 05.18.05 at 1:27 pm

I agree about that custody arrangement, that it says something good about Ted Nugent. It came to mind when I heard a radio interview with him a couple of weeks ago, though it wasn’t mentioned.

As for an “authoritative” account, there’s this interview with Ted Nugent, cited as having taken place 2/24/1988 in Houston where Ted Nugent opened for Kiss at the Summit:

He says: “I wrote the divorce agreement and it was accepted in West Palm Beach. It stated the children would keep the 1400 acre farm in Michigan. The mother could stay and visit for a month while I was on tour. When I came back she would leave so there wouldn’t be this vicious routine of bouncing the children from environment to environment. The children could retain a consistent habitat. If the parents couldn’t get along then they should be the ones who should rotate. It was a wonderful concept—I think it should be a law.”

Hope this helps.


SJS 05.18.05 at 7:33 pm

Ha! Hopefully Ted will not survive Nugent. Give him back that chainsaw, quick! Speaking of “custody arrangements” I have heard that at one time Ted had himself declared the “legal guardian” of one of his underage groupies. This goes way back. I will ask the person I heard that from what he knows, if anything. In case you have missed this collection, and just for your own entertainment and possible edification, and considering that this info was archived by PETA, here are some statements that are purported to be made by the Motor-Mouthed Mad Man over the years. The source is claimed to be the Detroit Free Press in most cases so checking with them is advised if possible.



Luc 05.18.05 at 7:47 pm

Didn’t look much further, but here’s an interview with Ted where he described it.



double-plus-ungood 05.19.05 at 2:21 pm

Ted’s a jerk, but that custody arrangement is the same kind that I did with my ex-spouse (children stay at one house, parents alternate living with them) for four years. It’s tough, especially as you still need to maintain a relationship with your irritatingly inept ex-partner and her habit of never changing burned-out lightbulbs and putting the toilet-paper roll on the wrong way.

Of course, having to continue that relationship in some sort of civil way may also be a good thing for the kids.


mijnheer 05.19.05 at 10:21 pm

“Ted’s a jerk”. I suppose that’s one way to describe a sadistic killer of animals, one who also refers to foreigners as “scum”, and who says that women who refuse to defend themselves with guns deserve to be raped.

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