Waddling at dusk

by Henry Farrell on May 30, 2005

Welcome to the blogosphere to “Duck of Minerva”:http://duckofminerva.blogspot.com/, a new group blog featuring two international relations professors (Dan Nexon and Patrick Jackson) and a grad student (Bill Petti). The IR-academic corner of the blogosphere has been relatively underpopulated up until very recently. With this new blog, and the forthcoming contribution from John Ikenberry, Anne-Marie Slaughter (an international lawyer, but we can stretch a point) and friends, it’s experiencing a bit of a population boom. Nice to see.



nnyhav 05.30.05 at 12:47 pm

Henry, will you be adding this (and Savage Minds, and Long Sunday, and …) to CT’s list of Academic Bloggers?


Henry 05.30.05 at 12:54 pm

I will indeed. I’ve several weeks of additions to make – neglected this during the end-of-semester frenzy. Long Sunday I’m not familiar with though. Grateful for the url of this and other blogs I should be mentioning.


nnyhav 05.30.05 at 1:04 pm

http://long-sunday.net (‘nother recent grouping)


jonathan 05.31.05 at 5:25 am

A group of students and alumni in dutch: grondslag.web-log.nl

no spam intended.

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