Respect is a two-way street, with a hideous monster lurking at the end of it.

by John Holbo on February 18, 2006

I was gonna complain about a post that was up … on this blog … about Democrats are traitors. Hell with it. It went like this.


Yep, that’s how it went. I nabbed the graphic from ‘dial B for blog’. Which is good, but not as funny as this, on a day to day basis.



Neil the Ethical Werewolf 02.18.06 at 6:29 pm

Was this marketed in Japan? Those folks seem to be into Amazing Adult Fantasies involving large tentacled monsters.


Carlos 02.18.06 at 8:53 pm

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog really should be on the Crooked Timber blogroll. In fact, for every post about obscure/uninteresting Brit/Euro TV/sports/music, there should be an ISB-related post. And every time someone links to Tim Lambert on John Lott, they should link to a picture of that weasel Terry Long.

I’m just saying.


joe o 02.19.06 at 12:41 am

ISB is pretty funny. I was laughing about the phrase “pre-crises jesus” the other day.


Robby Reed 02.20.06 at 10:58 am

I disagree! DIAL B for BLOG is at least TWICE as funny as any other blog. Of course, I am just a bit biased.

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