Another reason to support Italy

by Henry on July 9, 2006

From the “FT”: yesterday.

bq. Just before or after Sunday’s Italy-France final in Berlin, a sports tribunal in Rome is expected to decide whether four leading Italian clubs systematically influenced referees. A lawyer for Juventus, Italy’s most popular club, says a punitive relegation to the second division would be “acceptable”. … Silvio Berlusconi became another divisive force. In 1994 he became prime minister with a party called Forza Italia (Go Italy), his attempt to borrow the team’s aura. The fact that Mr Berlusconi was voted out of office in April makes it easier for some leftwingers to support Italy on Sunday. If he is unlucky, his club, AC Milan, will be relegated by the tribunal on the day his rival Romano Prodi, the prime minister, may see Italy crowned world champions in Berlin.

Which reminds me that Scott McLemee emailed me an “article”: a while back where Toni Negri declares that he’s an AC Milan fan. Whoda thunk it?

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nick s 07.09.06 at 8:47 pm

Whoda thunk it?

Milan was always the one with a group of Marxist ultras (Fossa de Leoni); Inter, not so much.

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