Philosophy on the Radio

by Brian on July 30, 2006

A week or so ago, philosopher and blogger “Greg Restall”: was on (Australian) Radio National’s show The Philosopher’s Zone talking about logical pluralism. The link to the show is “here”: I’m partially bringing this up because I was pleased to see a discussion of philosophical logic in on national radio, and partially as a segue into gratuitous self-promotion.

This week’s episode of “Philosophy Talk”: features a panel discussion that was recorded at the Pacific APA. The panellists were Liz Harman, Sean Kelly and me, discussing the future of philosophy. Though I can occasionally “spot short term trends”:, I’m pretty useless at spotting larger patterns, so I wouldn’t put much stock in much of what I say. The show will air on Tuesday at noon PST on “KALW”: in San Francisco, and be repeated at 8pm PST Thursday on “Oregon Public Radio”: I’m going to be away at “Bellingham”: the next few days, so I won’t be able to hear the show live to air, but hopefully I’ll hear it soon after. I’m not exactly sure what I said, so when I hear it I might have to scramble to come up with some justifications.

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post pc 07.30.06 at 9:10 am

fwiw, (i know v.little about philosophy :) i thought doug lenat’s talk on contextual knowledge as applied in cyc was pretty interessting.


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