Radio appearance

by Henry on August 8, 2006

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was going to be on Warren Olney’s “To the Point” show, which is syndicated to a variety of public radio stations. The topic was the effects of blogs on the Lamont-Lieberman contest – my less-than original take on it was that they weren’t having much effect on the ground, but that they were certainly shaping national perceptions of the competition. I did get in a few digs at Martin Peretz’s “lunatic screed”: in the _Wall Street Journal_ yesterday, which another of the guests, notorious WSJ ideologue John Fund, was touting as a sober reflection on how the Democrats were going to the dogs. If anyone’s interested, the show should be available “here”: (I don’t do the RealPlayer thing, so I haven’t verified that the feed works).



nameless 08.08.06 at 3:34 pm

What did you think of Olney as an interviewer? I’ve always been impressed with his even-handed and skillful handling of guests, i.e., his ability to get them to answer or at least respond to questions, rather than just dribbling on. And his ability to make subjects as abstruse as regional water policy–which should matter, I know–interesting to the unwashed.


Henry 08.08.06 at 4:19 pm

I liked him a lot – he did allow me to dribble on though (which may have been a good or bad thing; I’m not qualified to judge).


Duncan 08.08.06 at 5:55 pm

How amusing. Mr Peretz writes that the US is working to “to protect the vulnerable masses of the country from the helter-skelter ideological and religious mass-murderers in their midst.” I thought that was what Mr Lamont was trying to do – assuming of course that we mean the theocratic neo-conservatives currently in the White House.


David Sucher 08.08.06 at 9:25 pm

Unfortunately, the link to the 8/7 show at the KCRW site doesn’t seem to work for me. And while the iTunes Library has the 8/8 show it doesn’t have yesterday’s (8/7) show either. Alas, as I caught a few moments of the show in the car and it sounded quite interesting.

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