They Have Landed, and Want Extra Cheese

by Kieran Healy on February 2, 2007

Sign seen here in Tucson while on the way home, outside a pizza joint on Broadway:

bq. Mooninites Eat Free.

Insidious. Someone call the mayor of Boston. But — what they don’t know is that I ate there once and the pizza is terrible. Ha! Who’s laughing now, you little bastards.

“I For One Welcome Our New Overlords”

by Scott McLemee on February 2, 2007

Doing the usual stroll through Bloglines a little while ago (168 feeds and counting), I read:

The Weblog’s military aggression this week against The Valve and Long Sunday has been a radically unqualified success. Further action against Crooked Timber will be unnecessary at this time because The Valve and Long Sunday have been transformed into beacons of democracy and hope for the entire academic blogosphere.

That sounds less like serious de-escalation than momentary retrenchment before an eventual attempted conquest. If you want to watch one of the more self-aware blogspats in recent memory, check out the comments section for this entry at The Weblog, the field headquarters for this bloodstained militarist operation.

It’s now up to more than 400 comments. One of them indicates that the invasion of CT was originally scheduled for this weekend. The above-quoted statement indicates otherwise, but that may be an effort to throw everyone off guard.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by John Holbo on February 2, 2007

So now you only have to wait until July 21 to read it [amazon]. In the meantime, you can contribute to this truly epic predictions thread Russell Fox started back in October. My money is on: Harry is a horcrux.