Cohen and Lindsey on Bloggingheads

by Chris Bertram on April 1, 2008

Two people I’ve read with interest and profit over the years: Stanford’s Joshua Cohen and Cato’s Brink Lindsey manage to have a very reasonable conversation on bloggingheads. Topics include Rawls on baseball, Obama and Wright, the McCain campaign. Check it out.



roger 04.01.08 at 6:14 pm

Ah, but the more celebrated bloggingheads deal today is the great Paul Berman himself leading the doughty charge of the Decents up hill and down dale as they totally trounce the Islamofascists for a victory that the Left, those pooftas, don’t deserve, having lost their bearings as they embrace gay marriage and Shar’ia law. Not, of course, that the great Berman supported the war in Iraq himself – retrospectively, he was an early critic, with Michael O’Hanlon.

A great intro to April fool’s day.


thompsaj 04.01.08 at 11:44 pm

Speaking of bloggingheads, they posted today what may be the most concentrated, obtuse train-wreck of a performance by a neocon I’ve ever seen, courtesy of Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard.

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