Greenspan concedes

by John Q on October 24, 2008

There’s been a fair bit of debate about what, if anything, the current crisis means for economic policy and political philosophy more generally. A lot of this has been hung up on issues of terminology, which I will do my best to avoid here and in future.

Coming to substance, quite a few people have argued that the crisis doesn’t really signify very much, and that, once it is resolved, things will return to pretty much the way they were a couple of years ago. I disagree.

This concession of error by Alan Greenspan is, I think, pretty strong evidence against the view that the crisis is not so significant, in policy or ideological terms.
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Spread the Wealth

by John Holbo on October 24, 2008

First, credit where due. Ross Douthat made a couple of wholly sensible posts about that ‘spread the wealth’ business. For example: [click to continue…]