Warts and all

by Chris Bertram on October 18, 2008

Anyone hanging round the blogosphere for a while must have encountered the wingnut obsession with evul leftists/MSM using Photoshop to do down their side. What’s this? The latest Republican talking point is that the evul leftists/MSM have _refrained_ from using Photoshop to enhance portraits of the beautiful and saintly Sarah Palin. Has the fiendishness of the MSM no limits? Virginal Postrel in the Atlantic “has some reflections”:http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200810u/photo-retouching . (Via the – most excellent – Online Photographer, who “also covered the story a while back”:http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2008/10/and-damned-if-y.html .)

We Have a Winner!

by Henry Farrell on October 18, 2008

I’ve done the tallying and the results are below the fold, in reverse order.
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