Exploding Heads Deathmatch: There Can Be Only One

by Henry Farrell on October 15, 2008

Many thanks to the CT readers who’ve come up with examples of wingnuts’ heads exploding as a result of Paul Krugman’s Nobel prize. Now it’s decision time. I’ve narrowed the field down to the five most impressive spontaneous human combustions that commenters here, at Kathy G.’s and at Brad DeLong’s have reported. And you get to choose the winner by voting in the comments section below. The wingnut with the most votes after a voting period to be determined by meself will be allowed to display both this “still”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/shocho/221986094/ from David Cronenberg’s _Scanners_, and an electronic certificate attesting that he/she has won the ‘Oh Noes! My Head Asploded” award for 2008, on his/her website. He/she will also of course have all associated bragging rights. The contestants, in no particular order, below the fold …
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