Chromebook Question

by Henry Farrell on November 5, 2012

I’m thinking about getting a “Samsung Chromebook”: as a replacement laptop (primarily for light text editing and web browsing). The con appears to be a not very widely used operating system (although I use Google products a lot), the pro is that it looks to be both adequate for purpose and relatively very cheap. Before buying though, I wanted to see whether the hivemind has any useful information on how well ChromeOS stacks up etc. Opinions and information gratefully received …

The Year of the MOOC?

by John Holbo on November 5, 2012

Following up my higher ed posts, I ought at least to link to the NY Times piece on MOOCS – Massive Open Online Courses. Obviously this is the ultimate inexpensive option for higher education, and it is likely to be the bleeding edge of some disruptive wedge, I don’t know which one – several probably. This will change things. [click to continue…]