Ada Palmer seminar

by Henry Farrell on April 20, 2017

The seminar with Ada Palmer on Seven Surrenders and its prequel, Too Like the Lightning is now complete. Below, a list of the participants with links to their individual posts, to make it easier to keep everything together (a PDF will be forthcoming). All posts are available in reverse chronological order here. Comments should be open, for anyone who wants to talk about the seminar (or the books) as a whole.

The participants:

* Ruthanna Emrys is author of the novel, Winter Tide. Falling into the Cracks of Identity.

* Henry Farrell blogs at Crooked Timber. De Sade, War, Civil Society.

* Maria Farrell blogs at Crooked Timber.In Good Hands.

* Max Gladstone is the author of the Craft Sequence books (see here for his interview on how James Scott’s _Seeing Like a State_ can be a great starting point for a f/sf series).The Old Dragon But Slept: Terra Ignota, the Sensayer System, and Faith.

* John Holbo blogs at Crooked Timber. Heroes and Aliens.

* Lee Konstantinou is an assistant professor of English Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park.Ada Palmer’s Great Conversation.

* Neville Morley is Professor in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter.Future’s Past.

* Jo Walton is the Hugo Award winning author of many books (and subject of a previous Crooked Timber seminar).Complicity and the Reader.

* Belle Waring blogs at Crooked Timber. Gods of This Fictional Universe.

* Ada Palmer is an Assistant Professor of Early Modern European History at the University of Chicago.

The Dystopian Question and Minorities of One [Response to Emrys and Gladstone]

Reappropriated Histories and a Different Set of Tools [Response to Morley and H. Farrell]

Unusual Experience and Second Hand Plato [Response to M. Farrell and Waring]

Not Nothing and Speculating Late [Response to Holbo and Konstantinou

A Dialog on Narrative Voice, Complicity, and Intimacy [Dialogue with Jo Walton]