Sunday photoblogging: snow

by Chris Bertram on March 18, 2018

We’ve just had our second late-in-the-year dose of snow in the UK, although this photo is from 2013.
Bristol snow: Cotham Gardens



Kyle Knox (Political Blogger) 03.18.18 at 5:26 pm

Sometimes there is nothing better than to stay out of economics/politics and other daily chores and just look outside.

The view might just be marvellous. :)


Alan White 03.18.18 at 5:56 pm

Beautiful! Though here in Wisconsin I’m really ready for Spring.


Dr. Hilarius 03.18.18 at 11:38 pm

Very nice and, as others on Flickr have mentioned, the spots of intense color really jump out.


derrida derider 03.19.18 at 5:11 am

And down here in southeast Australia we have just had a very-late-in-the-year heatwave with temperatures above 40 Celsius, and I’m really ready for winter …


bad Jim 03.19.18 at 6:02 am

I don’t know how to react. The branches present a perfect frozen fractal symmetry with a central cleft, the path below reflecting the slice of sky above. And then there’s the red and the orange. Wry.


Theophylact 03.19.18 at 8:41 pm

We’re due for snow in DC tomorrow. First day of Spring.


Dr. Hilarius 03.20.18 at 3:58 pm

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