Hugo winners announced

by John Quiggin on August 9, 2005

The Hugo award for best novel went to “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: A Novel” by Susanna Clarke, beating a strong field. Charles Stross, whose Iron Sunrise was also a contender, took out the best novella prize for The Concrete Jungle. And I’ll be surprised if we don’t see Ian McDonald, Iain M. Banks and China Miéville among future winners of the award.



Doug 08.09.05 at 8:26 am


J.S. & Mr. N is a terrific book, taking fantasy places it didn’t know it could go.

Charlie Stross has put his latest novel on the web in its entirety, though of course he’s still pleased as punch when people buy it as a real book object. Plus he has a very nice blog.

And River of Gods sets its near-future awesomeness in mid-21st century India. Oh yes, very pleasurable indeed.

(Haven’t read the others; I’m such a slug.)


aphrael 08.09.05 at 10:48 am

China has been nominated twice now and lostbadly both times. I’m not sanguine for his future chances.


Ted 08.09.05 at 10:51 am


Thanks for the info on the Stross website.

The Baen Books website carries scores of full novels too. Also with the hope readers will buy the reall book object.

If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, I would suggest checking out the “Vor Lord” series by Lois McMaster Bujold.



soru 08.09.05 at 4:26 pm

Top Strossian phrase:

Subject an unemployed artist and recluse believed to be named Idi Amin Dadaist. No previous record other than minor torts for public arts happenings with no purchase of public disturbance and meme pollution rights, and an outstanding lawsuit from the People’s Republic of Midlothian over his claim to the title Last King of Scotland

I think ‘meme pollution rights’ are probably a necessary hack to capitalism. Big Brother and the Crazy Frog are definitely some kind of market failure that only such a state-backed change can avoid.



Phoenician in a time of Romans 08.11.05 at 9:02 pm

Stross is also currently working on “The Jennifer Morgue”, a sequel to “The Atrocity Archive” in which “The Concrete Jungle” features. If “The Atrocity Archive” was Len Deighton meets Lovecraft, “The Jennifer Morgue” is James Bond crossed with Chthulu.

It also adds entirely new meanings to the term “femme fatale”…

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