by Harry on March 11, 2016

Sebastian Baczkiewicz’s Pilgrim is one of the best things in the past decade or so that I have been able to hear on Radio 4 regularly. William Palmer was cursed about 1000 years ago with eternal life, by the king of the grey folk (how does that work out at the end of the universe?), and wanders the country (he seems to be restricted to the British Isles) dealing with conflicts between the magical and the regular world, while longing for an end to his sojourn. A kind of Adam Eterno for adults. The final season starts here. For those who need to catch up…. you need to get a move on, but start here. It’s sublime.



NomadUK 03.12.16 at 2:03 am

All downloaded; looking forward to it.


hopeful listener 03.13.16 at 12:49 pm



Sancho 03.14.16 at 12:07 am

Not available as podcast, frustratingly.


NomadUK 03.14.16 at 2:03 am

BBC iPlayer. Further affiant sayeth not.

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