Richard Wollheim is dead

by Chris Bertram on November 5, 2003

Richard Wollheim has died. There’s an “obituary in the Guardian”:,11617,1078109,00.html from Arthur Danto, and Chris Brooke has “a relevant excerpt”: from Jerry Cohen’s “Future of a Disillusion”. Norman Geras has a “post on Wollheim’s paradox of democracy”: . I have pleasant memories of Richard Wollheim from my time at UCL where I went to read for the M.Phil in philosophy in 1981. He chaired the research seminars there and I remember him mainly as a benign presence who asked penetrating clarificatory questions in a very plummy voice. A sad loss.

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harry 11.05.03 at 9:54 pm

That is sad. I attended Wollheim’s (terrific) lectures on Hume as an undergrad in London, and was subsequently his colleague, for a year, when I taught at UC Davis (I never let on that he had taught me). He seemed a delighful man who knew how to enjoy life – and an admirable philosopher as well as a fine teacher.

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