Waugh to Retire

by Harry on November 26, 2003

Just thought I’d register a Brit’s regret at Waugh’s decision to retire as captain of Australia. It is hard to know whether he is the greatest captain Australia has had, or whether he has just been lucky to have under his command the greatest test team in history. I’m in the ‘Anyone But England’ camp except when England plays Australia, when my principle of supporting the underdog gets the better of my anti-patriotism. But watching Australia the past few years, against just about anyone, has been sheer bliss. And Waugh’s quiet battle against the increasing and grotesque commercialism in the international game, even if it has been carried out in a spirit of patriotism, has made him almost as much of a hero as his captaincy.



arthur 11.26.03 at 4:46 pm

He may be the greatest Captain Australia, but he’s no match for Captain America!


Ian Jennings 11.27.03 at 4:18 am

Isn’t there something odd about supporting patriots as an expression of your opposition to patriotism? Surely it’s more honest to concede that you just don’t like England.



harry 11.27.03 at 8:16 pm

I don’t hate England — I love it. And I did imply that it was his anti-commercialism I admired, even though (ie despite) it being animated by patriotism….


cs 11.29.03 at 12:50 pm

How can I keep hating the Poms when I read a post like that? Talk about confusing the enemy.


RQR 01.06.04 at 8:03 pm

The famous BURMI-army of England——yeah, this is what Britz r meant to me…but plz DO remember Steven Roger Waugh–he’z the Gladiator of World-cricket–no doubt!

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