Birthday boogie

by Eszter Hargittai on December 7, 2003

For some of us, ’tis not only the season to get annoyed by some Christmas music. I’m wrapping up my 20s and planning a big 30th bday bash this coming weekend. I would like to play some fun/funny birthday songs and am looking for suggestions. I know there are some, I just can’t think of them.

Here’s the only one that comes to mind. I doubt many have heard about the “Birthday Song” by Spookie Daly Pride:

Today’s my birthday and the cake is on fire

I always ask for money
But I always get a sweater
Resigned to the fact
That it ain’t ever getting better
Clip on ties all the trousers
All the ugly pairs of socks
You might as well just give me
A bag of fu*king rocks


Just send the money forget the card
Forget the presents forget the card
Just send the money just send the money…

I don’t know if it works well without the music, it certainly works well with it.. not that it necessarily expresses my personal sentiments.:)



Dedman 12.07.03 at 9:28 pm

Well, there’s no question that you must, must, must rent LOGAN’S RUN. There’s no more appropriate movie for that birthday.


eszter 12.07.03 at 10:01 pm

Hmmm.. sounds intriguing.. I understand from the description on Amazon why you’re recommending it.. although sounds like it could make a 30-year-old feel reeeeallly old.:) I’ve added it to my Amazon Wishlist.:)


Chris Bertram 12.07.03 at 10:05 pm

Peggy Lee’s _Is that all there is?_

would be a good choice.


harry 12.07.03 at 10:38 pm

Loudon Wainwright III, ‘Hollywood Hopeful’ — you’ll understand why when you hear it. Its on T-Shirt if you can find that. Happy Birthday!


Dave 12.08.03 at 12:39 am

“Happy Birthday” by Altered Images

“Birthday” by The Beatles

Have fun!


carpeicthus 12.08.03 at 7:10 am

For out there choices, there’s “Happy Birthday” by Weird Al and “Happy Birthday to Me” by The Vandals. Of course, there’s also “Unhappy Birthday” by the Smiths if you want to cry into your cake.


Matt Freestone 12.08.03 at 11:03 am

The Smiths’ “Unhappy Birthday” is actually quite funny.

“I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday,
‘Cos you’re evil, and you lie
And if you should die
I may feel slightly sad, but I won’t cry.”

There are plenty of depressing Smiths songs, but this one is very much tongue in cheek.


John Isbell 12.08.03 at 4:35 pm

Lesley Gore, “It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To”, is a pretty good party song. Bouncy.


Belle 12.08.03 at 11:51 pm

I strongly recommend “Blackie’s Birthday”, by Urge Overkill. You can also play 1969 by the Stooges, but it is technically only appropriate to your 22nd birthday (also referenced in the Urge Overkill song, actually. I put them both on a mix for my sister this year for her 22nd.)


pekka 12.09.03 at 8:17 am

There’s “Birthday Party” by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. “Birthday Gal” by The Replacements. “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” by Tom Waits. “Any Younger” by The Czars. For weirder parties, “Bad Birthday” by Servotron and “This Party Sucks” by The Slickee Boys. (Or, you could just play a lot of The Birthday Party.) Have fun!

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