Another Important Endorsement

by Kieran Healy on December 13, 2003

Dean wraps up the youth vote.



Katherine 12.13.03 at 3:46 pm

now victory will surely be ours! (/Dean supporter).

He’s really setting himself up for the 2040 race, you know.


JP 12.13.03 at 6:13 pm

dude’s a little old to have a newborn, isn’t he?


Glenn 12.14.03 at 1:46 am

Unfortunately for Dean, the youth of America who ARE able to vote seem to like Bush more than you think.

Yeah, Dean’s got it all wrapped up. Just like he’s wrapped up that anger problem.


Marc 12.14.03 at 2:53 am

Ah, the anger link takes us to Estrich’s advice for Democrats.

Susan Estrich was the Dukakis campaign manager – easily the most inept person in such a position in modern history. And now she’s a Fox News Democrat, right along with colmes.

I think the best way to take her advice is to do the opposite of whatever she says. On any subject. Is politics the only area where abject failure entitles people to get paid for continuing to do the same thing?




Glenn 12.14.03 at 3:00 am

Ah yes, Susan Estrich. But you know what? Sometimes the people who fail most miserably in a certain field turn out to be the best analysts of that particular field. Some people are able to LEARN from their experiences, and some do better when they take a look from an outsider’s perspective.

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