Left vs Right vs Cactus

by Kieran Healy on September 29, 2005

As the “Left vs Right”:https://crookedtimber.org/2005/09/28/left-vs-right-pt-cclxi/ infighting continues, I wanted to mention that “my department”:http://fp.arizona.edu/soc/ is hiring this year, and also point out that Arizona is the ideal location for all your Left vs Right needs. We got “libertarian cowboys”:http://www.azarms.com/ and new age “crystal-and-vortex”:http://www.arizonahealingtours.com/vortex/vortex.html types, cranky Michigan republicans and Minnesota democrats (also cranky) down for the winter, “patio men”:http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/001/531wlvng.asp and “mountain bike people”:http://sambabike.org/, “property developers”:http://www.tucsonweekly.com/gbase/currents/Content?oid=oid:66291 and “mariachi bands”:http://www.gigmasters.com/Mariachi/Mariachi_Tucson_AZ.asp, “chollas”:http://helios.bto.ed.ac.uk/bto/deserts/cholla.htm and “chilis”:http://www.chili-pepper-plants.com/, “religion”:http://www.arizona-leisure.com/san-xavier-del-bac-mission.html and “science”:http://www.noao.edu/kpno/, “warthogs”:http://www.dm.af.mil/ and “javelinas”:http://helios.bto.ed.ac.uk/bto/desbiome/javelina.htm. Also great views. (See left. More on “my homepage”:http://www.u.arizona.edu/~kjhealy/.) And even some “skiing”:http://www.go-arizona.com/Mount-Lemmon-Ski-Valley. Enough to keep everyone happy.



des von bladet 09.29.05 at 1:45 pm

The Department of Sociology invites applications for a tenure-track or tenured faculty positions,

Sadly I hate hate hate hot climates and driving and (especially) the once-great nation in question, or I’d apply for the proof-reading job for sure.


des von bladet 09.29.05 at 2:15 pm

Although I am in fact still willing to take a very temporary distance-working position for the specific one-off project of firing the “ass” of the lunatic who used java for the buttons on your department’s homepage.


Kieran Healy 09.29.05 at 2:24 pm

java for the buttons

It wasn’t me. Java buttons make Baby Jesus cry, I know.


Justin 09.29.05 at 2:28 pm

Your golf is too expensive, and I don’t have a PhD.


Maynard Handley 09.29.05 at 3:01 pm

Yes, but when global warming kicks in and electricity (for air-conditioning) trebles in cost, the party will be over.
cf Chaco canyon which was also inhabitable for a brief window of time, but not, sadly, for the long haul.


Linden 09.29.05 at 3:21 pm

I use Ad-block on Firefox, so each button has it’s own Ad-block tab too.


Martin L. Martens 09.29.05 at 3:32 pm

I didn’t expect to see Joseph Galaskiewicz’s name as the person to contact for that job. I have two papers currently under review that cite his work. It’s always interesting to see connections in unexpected places.


Ben Alpers 09.29.05 at 4:08 pm

Sadly, I’m not a sociologist.

(Funny, I’ve never typed _that_ sentence before).


ogged 09.29.05 at 4:44 pm

Nice picture.


Kieran Healy 09.29.05 at 5:59 pm

Nice picture.

I can’t get any credit for it, though — I didn’t take it.


jet 09.30.05 at 12:05 pm

des von bladet,
“Sadly I hate hate hate … and (especially) the once-great nation in question”.

Do you “hate hate hate” the US in the same way that you “hate hate hate” the USSR, China, Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe, Sudan, DRC, DPRK, etc? Or is it a special kind of “hate hate hate” reserved just for the good ‘ol US of A?


Matt McGrattan 09.30.05 at 1:19 pm


Still pushing the ‘not as bad as North Korea/Zimbabwe’ etc. line?

It’s not a good argument has been pointed out dozens of times before.


jet 09.30.05 at 1:38 pm

Matt McGrattan,
What would make you think I was pushing that line? Just pointing out how silly it is to hate or “hate hate hate” a country. Just becuase I strongly disagreed with China’s genocidal invasion of Tibet doesn’t mean I hate China as a country. Or are you and des von bladet saying that it does and I should?


Mrs. Bosington von Shedfield III 09.30.05 at 4:54 pm

Ohhhh.. how I do wish you would all stop and just learn to engage in a civil discourse. Now, those of you on the …*ahem* Left as they say, do please try to understand that we in the well-healed classes are only doing what we believe to be in your best interests. After all, if it wasn’t for this dreadful business in the middle east we might not have a war to profit from. And if we didn’t have a profit from that nasty affair I dare say you wouldn’t reap the generous benefits that such troubles can bring, such as a military career! You should really be thanking us you know. And as for all of that nasty talk about that poor Mr. Delay, I will not stand for it! You simply must desist in such base name calling! Really! You act as if the man had broken a law, well I mean a real law, like the ones you people break. (Which we would have less of if Mr. Bennett’s advice was properly examined.) And poor, poor Mr. Bush. Why, I haven’t heard such nasty comments about a head of state since dear Mrs. Imelda Marcos had to flee her home. You should be ashamed of yourself! Especially that Mr. Franken, but, what does one expect of an eww-jay, if you know what I mean. Oh, would you look at me prattling on while I should be firing the cleaning staff! Will you excuse me? Aren’t you a dear… Ta-ta!


-keith in mtn. view 09.30.05 at 7:22 pm

Born in Calcutta I hate the cold, but my Anthro BA is way out of date and the user-interface stuff we did pushing pixels nowdays is all code from the ground-up. They do hold a good National enduro down that way (watch out for the chollas), and you can own bitchin’ Class-III stuff more easily than most elsewheres, particularly the Left-run looney-bin Californoismia has become.


justinv 10.01.05 at 7:27 pm

Got my Anthro BA at the U of Arizona right next door to the Soc department. I cannot recommoned Tucson highly enough. I miss it. But I went and moved to the Midwest, because I am an idiot.

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