And while we’re on the subject of Newspeak …

by Henry Farrell on October 28, 2005

Hugh Hewitt’s “outing”: for the New York Times today is very funny.

bq. The right’s embrace in the Miers nomination of tactics previously exclusive to the left – exaggeration, invective, anonymous sources, an unbroken stream of new charges, television advertisements paid for by secret sources – will make it immeasurably harder to denounce and deflect such assaults when the Democrats make them the next time around.

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10.28.05 at 11:20 pm



Dan Nexon 10.28.05 at 3:33 pm

Is it logically possible for “ideal types” (e.g., an “ideal-typical hack”) to exist, or is Hugh Hewitt an analytical construct pretending to be a blogger?


Shelby 10.28.05 at 4:16 pm

or is Hugh Hewitt an analytical construct pretending to be a blogger

That’s much funnier than anything in Hugh’s piece!


neil 10.28.05 at 5:09 pm

The main tactic previously exclusive to the Left that was embraced by the Right in the Miers nomination, it appears, is disagreeing with Hugh Hewitt.


Seth Finkelstein 10.28.05 at 7:37 pm

“He has reached Platonic shilldom.” — Kevin Drum


Barry 10.28.05 at 7:52 pm

Ya know, generally in the social sciences, there aren’t a lot of really strong laws – unlike in the physical sciences.

There’s only one real strong law of the social sciences, which I, personally, discovered (I would appreciate a nomination to the Nobel committee, BTW):

Barry’s Iron Law of Right-Wing Freudian Projection:

“It is physically impossible for a right-winger to accuse the left of anything that the right hasn’t already done ten times as much.”


Delicious Pundit 10.28.05 at 9:49 pm

Harder to denounce, but not impossible. I mean, that’s what he’s paid for, right?


Adam Kotsko 10.29.05 at 10:52 am

Have you seen the new Guiness ad?


asg 10.30.05 at 5:54 am

I think the Iron Law of Right-Wing Freudian Projection is a wonderful instance of left-wing projection. So very ironic!


theogon 10.30.05 at 11:24 am

Well I think that asg’s post is a nigh-Platonic instance of the Iron Law of Right-…

O, fuckit. Can’t we all be honest and say that we’re all just doing what we can for our causes? At least that grounds things in substantive policy concerns.


liberal 10.30.05 at 1:12 pm

Max Sawicky has a better, more concrete list of the Right’s hypocrisy in this instance.


MQ 10.30.05 at 2:39 pm

Sorry asg, in the U.S. liberals are just objectively more decent and more civilized in their behavior than conservatives are. If you don’t understand that then you either haven’t been paying attention or are deliberately fooling yourself.


Grand Moff Texan 10.30.05 at 3:03 pm

At the very least, mq, liberals have an unabashed attachment to the need for a grasp of the basic facts as to make something like asg’s fact-free post beyond the pale.

Reliance on an inverse epistemology, like asg’s, is the reason why the right hasn’t developed much of an intellectual apparatus (chanting doesn’t count): they haven’t had to.

With adherents like that, why would they need to?

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