EFF on Bloggers’ rights

by Henry on November 18, 2005

The EFF is running a campaign to support bloggers’ rights and to encourage new members. Over the next few years, bloggers are likely to be hit with both lawsuits and regulations, as blogging becomes normalized as a form of speech and political activity. The EFF is as close to a trade union supporting bloggers’ interests as we’re likely to get. It’s worth supporting, by clicking on the button.



Jim 11.18.05 at 11:18 pm

Thanks for posting this Henry.


bad Jim 11.19.05 at 6:23 am

I already have an EFF t-shirt.


Eszter 11.20.05 at 3:54 pm

Thanks, Henry. I think it’s worth a mention that in addition to fighting for bloggers’ rights they work on lots of other very important causes.


Zephania 11.22.05 at 7:26 am

Does this mean that because I’ve wrote this sentence, like Martin Bashir at the Michael Jackson trial, I don’t have to testify in any court of law?

Although the above is flippant, I am trying to make a serious point … what is the difference between a proper journalist and a blogger?

ps no I haven’t read Henry’s link, yet. But I will …

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