Headless, Yet Not Structureless

by Scott McLemee on September 14, 2006

Pace Belle, I’ve failed to hype The Weblog not through shyness — or even laziness — but from the assumption everybody already knows about it. Even if it isn’t listed in the CT Lumber Room (hint hint), a situation that has long been a puzzle to me.

Likewise, I’ve assumed that everyone has seen the well-produced greatest hits album by Scott Eric “Acephalous” Kaufman (from Ronco!) including such chestnuts as “My Chiasmus of Hatred and My Hatred of Chiasmus.” But no more, with the assumptions. Check it out. The collection seems like the prototype of some new blogal genre, for which no name has yet been coined.

Finally, just to tie things together: Adam Kotsko of The Weblog certainly ought to put together such a compilation. So say we all?



derek 09.14.06 at 5:01 pm

_…everybody already knows about it._

I never heard of it before today, and I count myself well up on the landscape of the left blogosphere. You need to think about getting some name recognition if you want anybody to read your blog.

(it doesn’t help that you gave it such a clever-cute name)


Ralph Luker 09.14.06 at 6:14 pm

Given the title of Adam’s blog, you ain’t seen chutzpa until you’ve read “There is Nothing Outside the Blog.


anand sarwate 09.14.06 at 9:55 pm

Nice Battlestar Galactica reference (if indeed it is such a reference).


Laura 09.14.06 at 10:06 pm

So much clubbing, so few baby seals….

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