How about my gift?

by John Q on March 15, 2007

For quite a few people, the prospect of seeing my beardless chin (or whatever lurks under there) has been enough to open wallets and maybe hearts. But for the more theoretically inclined, my appeal has served as the basis of some interesting discussions about reciprocity and charitable giving. The general view, it seems to me, is that accepting a gift entails an obligation to reciprocate.

So, having given the best gift of all for blog audiences, a new or at least barely-used topic for discussion, I’m now calling for my reciprocal gift. Click here and donate before the beard comes off on Saturday.

To clarify the benefits a bit, the Leukemia Foundation is largely concerned with providing support and services to leukemia patients and their families, an area of need that is largely unmet by public health services and not covered by insurance. The Foundation also funds research.



James Joyner 03.15.07 at 10:58 am

Done! Although the form clearly does not anticipate non-Australian donors. Relatedly, I’m not sure whether my donation is in US or Aussie dollars.


John Quiggin 03.15.07 at 11:24 am

Thanks, James. It came in as Aussies, so I trust you are charged at the same (about $US0.80).

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