Guinness Marmite

by Chris Bertram on March 26, 2007

Guinness Marmite

Originally uploaded by Chris Bertram.

This is for “Harry”: . (And perhaps for Henry, Kieran and Maria too.) A limited edition (300,000 jars). It is already being re-sold on ebay. Not sure what it tastes like, as mine is as yet unopened.



Alison 03.26.07 at 12:43 pm

I’ve been using this for the past few weeks. I can’t really tell much difference from ordinary Marmite – perhaps slightly richer, slightly more ‘umami’?


jay bee 03.26.07 at 12:45 pm

Black glass, white cap, just like the real thing


Andrew 03.26.07 at 12:58 pm

Marmite? Never!

Vegemite is the one, the true and the only, um, salty scraping from the bottoms of beer barrels. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi and all that.


Ben Alpers 03.26.07 at 2:44 pm

As a neutral (U.S.) consumer, who actually likes both products, I must give the nod to the land of Oz.

Vegemite is better than Marmite.


Pablo 03.26.07 at 5:44 pm

Wasn’t marmite first created at Guiness – that is what I thought. It was the yeast that was left over after brewing. I was watching that show, Cash in Your Attic, on BBC a few months back and the lady who was having her attic rummaged claimed that her father invented Marmite when he worked at Guiness.

(Yes, I guess Wikipedia or Google could tell me if I am right or not – but why take the pleasure away from you of proving me that I am wrong.)


Dale Sunning and Anne F.O'Blacht 03.26.07 at 8:31 pm

Does it taste any different from other yeast products?


ben wolfson 03.26.07 at 11:55 pm

It probably tastes different from bread.


Katherine 03.27.07 at 11:11 am

Bah, Vegemite is just watered down Marmite.


Jacob Christensen 03.27.07 at 1:21 pm

The Wikipedia has this:

It is a sticky, gooey dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful taste that polarises consumer opinion.

And that’s just the Neutral Point of View…

I think I’ll stick with the pesto and the tapenade until further notice.


Katherine 03.27.07 at 3:26 pm

Oh and by the way – the stuff that is marketed as “Marmite” in Australia, isn’t. SO be careful, all you comparers – if you are comparing in Oz, you ain’t getting the real picture.


Andrew 03.27.07 at 8:31 pm

Oh, my God. How beautiful. Can I get this in the US, does anyone know? It looks gorgeous.


greensmile 03.28.07 at 1:49 am

And Marmite, in spite of not actually being mineral as the name somewhat suggests, keeps for ages in the fridge. You will discover this after the first taste.


Katherine 03.28.07 at 12:01 pm

It keeps for ages out of the fridge too. Does anyone refrigerate it?


a very public sociologist 03.28.07 at 1:12 pm

My wife got some. I didn’t think anyone could make this even more ikky than it is, but you’ve got to hand it to them – some how they’ve managed it!

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