Happy B-Day Top Shelf

by John Holbo on April 15, 2007

Betwixt these weekend comics posts, I might as well make a plug for Top Shelf Productions, a (mostly) comics small press, which is having a 10th B-Day sale. The long and the short is, a bunch of titles are marked down to $3, even $1, until Weds, April 18, so long as you buy $30. I just bought several titles, including some for the kids. (If I didn’t already own all the “Owly” titles, I would have snagged those, at a slight discount. Plus there’s some marginally marked down Alan Moore, but I’ve got that already.) Most of the titles have previews so you can browse with a modicum of informed efficiency. I bought:

Grampa & Julie: Shark Hunters
Tales of Woodsman Pete
Box Office Poison
Monkey Vs. Robot
Jennifer Daydreamer
The Octopi & The Ocean
Magic Boy and the Robot Elf

Your mileage may vary. You could tell them John Holbo sent you. Maybe they’ll get confused and give me something for free. You never know.