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by Henry Farrell on October 8, 2007

This time with “Jennifer Martinez”: of Stanford Law School, on international human rights law (she has a fascinating “piece”: in the new _Boston Review_ on the lessons of nineteenth century anti-slavery courts for modern tribunals). Also, the CHE‘s Footnotes blog has a brief “Q&A”: with me on blogging and my hidden cult-stud past. I imagine I’ll be taking a break from bloggingheads for a bit after two sessions in rapid succession, so fingers crossed, no more self-promotion posts from me for a while …

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novakant 10.08.07 at 4:06 pm

Very interesting and pleasant dialogue. The only disappointment was the part regarding Burma, on which you both seemed to be not overly well informed: the sanctions are a joke (e.g. Unocal, now Chevron was and is exempted and there are still a lot of major corporations doing business in Burma) and the junta could easily be toppled by shutting down the gas business of Chevron/Unocal, TOTAL and a Thai company – that is the lifeline of the regime.

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