Saluting the flag

by Chris Bertram on March 6, 2008

thanks banksy

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I’m not normally a big fan of Banksy, but this one (photo by Ben Bell) strikes me as quite brilliant.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

by Michael Bérubé on March 6, 2008

As I was sitting around the faculty lounge this morning, staring vacantly into space and dreaming of summers filled with golf, <a href=””>a busy colleague</a> brought <a href=””>Mark Bauerlein’s latest blog post</a> to my attention. It’s a response to a <a href=”″>recent <i>Wall Street Journal</i> essay</a>, it’s about faculty workloads, and it’s rather skeptical of reports about faculty workloads:

<blockquote>We have seen, indeed, many books and articles on the subject, such as Profscam by Charles Sykes, and when people hear about a 2-2 teaching load that means 6 classroom hours a week for 28 weeks out of the year, they wonder what all the complaining is about.

But Professor Kelly-Woessner maintains, “Our average workweek is 60+ hours. And unlike a regular job, where you come home at 5, we’re grading well into the evening.”

Can this be true, 60+ hours?</blockquote>

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