Legal Theory Lexicon Update on Distributive Justice

by Harry on November 10, 2008

Larry Solum has just posted an update of his Legal Theory Lexicon entry on Distributive Justice. I keep telling (graduate and undergraduate) students that they need to look at the Legal Theory Lexicon as their first stop for just about any concept that Solum covers. Its really an amazing resource. A decade ago you’d have needed access to a very good library to get hold of something half as good; now, anyone might come across it just by browsing.



matt 11.10.08 at 6:48 pm

In addition to providing a real service (with his Lexicon and all of his other posting on papers, conferences, books, etc.) Larry is also one of the truly nice people of the internet- extremely helpful and friendly despite being very busy.


Questioner 11.10.08 at 8:21 pm

Thanks so much for pointing out this resource to me. I would never have known about it otherwise, but now I’ll use it for some of my intro classes.

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