42 Writers for Liberty

by Chris Bertram on November 13, 2008

Liberty, the British organization that campaigns for civil liberties and against state abuse of power, has a new website centred on the British government’s proposal to hold people without charge in terrorism cases for up to 42 days. Fortunately, the House of Lords has thrown the measure out for the time being, but they may well try to bring it back again. In the meantime, whether in celebration of the measure’s defeat or anticipation of its return, you can read the thoughts of a collection of writers including Ian Rankin, Julian Barnes and Stella Duffy (particularly good, I thought).



Paul Schutz 11.13.08 at 3:22 pm

Brilliant. So powerful, and as relevant here in America as it is in the UK.


richard 11.13.08 at 4:55 pm

The longer this decade goes on, the more I want the Lords to be running the country, instead of the Commons. Aside from the trivial election issue, they’re far more democratically-minded.


ejh 11.13.08 at 7:14 pm

Yes, people used to say that twenty years ago under Thatcher. Then the Lords achieved one of its highest ever turnouts in order to pass the poll tax. Then they stopped saying it.

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