Monkey Cage Redirect

by Henry Farrell on November 21, 2008

It appears that The Monkey Cage, a blog that I contribute to together with a bunch of other political scientists, has been domain squatted. Hence, it will no longer be, unless we somehow manage to get it back (fat chance). As soon as the domain name propagates (probably 24 hours or so) it will be “”: Those of you who read the blog please update accordingly – I’d be grateful if those of you who have blogs that are likely to be read by Monkey Cage readers passed on the information about the new URL.\

UPDATE: It looks as though the problem isn’t as bad as I had thought – one of my co-bloggers (who shall remain nameless) had forgotten to renew the URL GoDaddy screwed up the renewal of the URL and it is simply going to the registrar’s home page. So the old URL should be back soon – but the new one will work too.



PHB 11.21.08 at 11:00 pm

Yeah, we introduced a grace period where we turn the domain name off for a while before the original owner loses the chance to renew.

Only took three years to make it happen. ICANN process has a lot of moving parts.


Matt 11.22.08 at 11:33 pm

Is there any chance you might add a link to the side-bar? I’d be more likely to remember to look at it regularly if you did.


W. Kiernan 11.26.08 at 1:52 pm

Now that you have both domain names, this is a great opportunity to put out two versions of the blog, with very slightly different content. I think a “not” or two in a post in that’s missing from the corresponding post in or even as little as a relocated paragraph break would make reading and quoting the blog more fun.

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