The Ethics of Immigration symposium: index

by Chris Bertram on June 4, 2014

The first part of our symposium on Joseph Carens’s _The Ethics of Immigration_ is now concluded. While we wait for Joe to compose his reply, here’s an index of the contributions:

* Chris Bertram [Some worries about Carens’s democratic consensus](
* Ryan Pevnick [The theory of social membership](
* Brian Weatherson [Movement within and between states](
* Kenan Malik [Communities, social anxiety and open borders](
* Kieran Oberman [Right arguments, wrong order](
* Michael Blake [Social membership and territorial rights](
* Patti Lenard [Democratic equality and internal movement](
* David Owen [On social membership](
* Speranta Dumitru [Is Carens still advocating open borders](
* Sarah Fine [The argument from democratic principles](
* Phillip Cole [On method](
* Jo Shaw [So what does _The Ethics of Immigration_ tell us about the European Union?](

Update: Joe Carens’s replies in two parts: [Part One]( and [Part Two](