One of our Twitter accounts is missing

by Henry Farrell on July 27, 2015

A public service request – someone, presumably a Crooked Timber reader, put up a Crooked Timber Twitter account a few years ago, to automatically tweet new posts that we put up. Which was very nice of them – but it appears to have stopped working sometime back in 2013. If the person who put this together reads this and would be kind enough to let us know the password so that we can put it all back together, we’d be grateful (we presume that he or she has abandoned this little project himself or herself). If anyone knows who did this, and could contact them, we’d be grateful too (the only two accounts that the Twitter account follows are WTDirect and the PHL Jokes Initiative, if that’s any clue). Or if this turns out to be abandonware with no known owner, and there’s some way of getting Twitter to release it that someone knows of, also good by us.



marek 07.28.15 at 12:02 am

Twitter has a pretty strong policy of not letting inactive account names be taken over or reused – see

But you may get further taking it up as a case of impersonation using the form at It isn’t strictly that either, but given the link to the CT site in the bio and the tweets all being links to CT, you might be able to make out a case. The forms are reviewed by humans, so take full advantage of the ‘Anything else you’d like to tell us’ box.

Good luck.


Snarki, child of Loki 07.28.15 at 1:26 am

What’s worse: one of our PLANETS is missing!

We sent a fancy space probe to the 9th Planet, and when it got there, the 9th Planet was GONE!

I blame alien cats, they never can resist a little jingle ball, amirite?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© 07.28.15 at 3:27 am

Twitter is a tool of SATAN and you will rue this day.


Dave 07.28.15 at 3:55 pm

I think Twitter actually is pretty ok allowing people to take over inactive handles. Try starting a new account with @crookedtimber

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