Could this be damnation? Could this be salvation?

by Kevin Munger on July 3, 2023

When I wrote about Vilém Flusser earlier, some commenters here at Crooked Timber weren’t happy: why am I spouting off about this obscure Czech-Brazilian media theorist?

At first I despaired at the lack of intellectual curiosity, but then I realized that they were right: Vilém Flusser isn’t famous enough to write about, given the inexorable dictates of the attention economy.

So I resolved to make Flusser more famous by aping the blithely bourgeois consumerism of the only newspaper that matters.

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Monday photoblogging: Berlin Alexanderplatz (2)

by Chris Bertram on July 3, 2023

Crooked Timber was inaccessible yesterday, due to a dns issue, but here’s another picture of Alexanderplatz:

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Shoggoths amongst us

by Henry Farrell on July 3, 2023

Picture of the shoggoth meme

It’s over a week since the Economist put up my and Cosma Shalizi’s piece on shoggoths and machine learning, so I think it’s fair game to provide an extended remix of the argument (which also repurposes some of the longer essay that the Economist article boiled down). [click to continue…]