Applying to grad school

by Maria on August 30, 2003

While many other CT bloggers muse about conference etiquette, I find myself daydreaming about just getting into a PhD programme. Tacitus posted a question on how to get into a US grad school (poli sci or thereabouts) with a low GPA.

As someone who spends far too much time surfing through admissions and advice pages, and wondering what’s behind all the rhetoric, I think there is more good sense concentrated in Tacitus’ comments than I’ve seen anywhere else. Good luck T.



freddie 08.30.03 at 12:28 pm

Avoid grad work. It is a dead end now. Filled with administrators and tenured types who use grad students the way construction people use illegal aliens….short change them and make likfe unliveable, and without a future in sight. Worst part: the abusers know what they are doing.


eric 08.31.03 at 2:57 am

Getting into Grad school? that’s easy. Just have the money to pay for it. Nobody is going to turn away a paying student.


Doug 08.31.03 at 3:52 pm

Freddie and Eric wrong on both accounts. But hey, isn’t that what the net’s for?


susan ferrari 09.02.03 at 3:55 am

Getting into science graduate school with a lowish GPA seems to be a somewhat easier task (provided your research, recs, and GREs are excellent). More thoughts and application advice at .

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