RSS Feeds

by Brian on September 4, 2003

Via Dave Winer, I saw that My Yahoo! now has a module for RSS feeds. It seems to still be in the experimental stage. There’s no link to it (that I could find) on its pages, though if you want to add it Library Stuff reports that you should go here. And it seems to have some compatability issues. (It wouldn’t read Dave’s RSS feed, for instance, or TAPPED’s, among others.) And it can’t quite work out how to sort chronologically feeds from different time zones. But it has some flexibility, and it’s a nice addition to the site. My Yahoo! is the only portal I ever found that was flexible enough and powerful enough to be worth using, so I’m rather pleased that they added blogs. Now if some blogs would just add RSS feeds…



Lance Knobel 09.04.03 at 6:52 pm

For Talking Points Memo, you can use


ogged 09.04.03 at 7:07 pm

It would also be nice if Crooked Timber included full posts in its feed. Currently, everything in the “extended entry” section is excluded from your feed.

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