Guardian UK Blog Awards

by Maria on December 18, 2003

If you haven’t seen already, the Guardian has announced its blogging award winners. They reminded me of how limited my knowledge of other (especially non-political) bloggers is, and the amazingly wide range of things you can do with a blog. Bruce Sterling was one of the judges.

There are a couple of absolute crackers. Call Centre Confidential reminds you that The Office is funny because it is so horrifyingly accurate.

Belle de Jour has its doubters, but seems to be the diary of a sassy and articulate London call girl. Warning; best read at home.

Going Underground’s Blog is all about the London Underground and has loads of pictures of drunken santa clauses. It’s my favourite UK public transport blog after Transport Blog. Who says the British are a nation of trainspotters?



fyreflye 12.18.03 at 4:09 pm

My own favorite British blog (well, the only one I read regularly) is/was Joel Biroco’s Journal,, the occasional musings of a depressed, angry-eloquent writer, editor, I Ching scholar and Chaos Magick practicioner about his isolated life in London. His site has become less and less accessible, his musings about chucking the whole thing more frequent, and I’m afraid he’s finally given it up. A shame, since he’s the best writer I’ve yet encountered on the blog scene. There’s so much talent out there that just never gets noticed.


Matt Weiner 12.18.03 at 7:39 pm

It’s my favourite UK public transport blog after Transport Blog.
Hm. Were you to say this about me I might not be flattered, but possibly there are more UK public transport blogs than I think.


Patrick Crozier 12.21.03 at 9:35 pm


Thanks for the plug. You do know that we are a bunch of loony libertarians though, don’t you?


fyreflye 01.12.04 at 4:56 am

Though I’m sure no one’s going back to this old thread I still want to mention that Joel Biroco’s Journal ( which I’d given up for dead in a post above is back online and its master again musing, sometimes morbidly but always beautifully, about his life. Highly recommended.

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