Look just buy the bloody thing will you

by Daniel on January 28, 2004

My contribution to Henwood week will be up tomorrow … meanwhile, London-based CT readers can see the man himself give a talk on the general subject of the New Economy, tonight for one night only. The venue is 72 Great Eastern Street, kicking off at 7pm. I won’t be there myself because I’ve developed a really shocking head cold, but it ought to be fun. The nearest tube is Old Street or Liverpool Street, and here’s a map.



Jeremy Osner 01.28.04 at 4:49 pm

Currently my plan is on lunch break (15 minutes from now) to take a subway ride over to Coliseum Books (because it’s too damn cold to walk), and purchas After the New Economy, plus the new translation of Don Quixote.


Michael Crichton 01.28.04 at 6:19 pm

It’s now snowing heavily in London: therefore, “global warming” is a sham.


dsquared 01.28.04 at 6:50 pm

It’s stopped up where I am, so as you were.


Scott Martens 01.29.04 at 9:56 am

I presume the book is available in the UK? If it is, then I can go probably score a copy at the local Waterstone’s on the weekend. Otherwise, it’s Amazon.com and a week of waiting for the post.

I probably won’t though, not for at least another week. I’m doing a review of Gillingham’s European Integration, and Kieran’s link to Egalitarian Capitalism is already going to provide a source for my anti-review – adding a couple of hours to the time it’s going to take to write already. Dragging a third relevant book into the picture just makes life too complicated.


Matthew 01.29.04 at 10:33 am

Actually, the thing I posted as a joke above is being seriously argued on samizdata!

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