by Ted on February 4, 2004

I just noticed that John Quiggin’s post below was the thousandth post on Crooked Timber.

At this rate, we’ll catch up with Instapundit thirty years after he quits blogging. Go us.



GMT 02.04.04 at 10:36 pm

No, fair, CT. All that spectacular monkey mail you received for the Punk’d post (tho you are to be commended for that SPECTACULARLY craptacular monkey mail, some of the most sublime instances of self-immolating apologia as it has ever been my pleasure to witness, truly the creme de la winger anencephaly) is what put you over the top. You suck, go home, you’ll never be Instapundit, give up now.

And feel blessed.


Ophelia Benson 02.04.04 at 11:39 pm

No no, thousandth post, the comments aren’t part of that. (Surely?)

Anyway, as for catching up with Insta – big deal. All those little hit-and-run posts – phooey. Why is this place popular? Because the posts are worth reading, that’s why. Fewer but better posts, as Ninotchka didn’t say.


Brian Weatherson 02.05.04 at 12:34 am

Yep, the comments don’t count. (There’s over 15000 of them.) But 1000 actual posts.


cbk 02.05.04 at 2:53 am

And Instapundit is a SoloSuperblogger…with no comments.

But, you can dream, I suppose.


lazyman 02.05.04 at 4:51 am

Well, when your blogging style lets you you post a link to a story about thousands of French people dying in a heat wave with your only comment being “heh”, you know, you can crank out quite a few as opposed to when you, umm, think about what you’re going to say first.


James Russell 02.05.04 at 6:09 am

I’ve always been a firm believer in quality over quantity.


Marc M 02.05.04 at 9:40 am

the quantity here would be the known known

the quality here would be the unknown unknown

big time


GMT 02.05.04 at 3:09 pm

Yep, brian, you’re right. My bad.

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