Junk science

by Henry Farrell on February 16, 2004

Has either Flack Central Station or Junkscience.com thought about commissioning a few articles from David Icke and friends? It sounds to me as though there might be a real “meeting of minds”:http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles2002/greensgovern.html (although they might have to get the Icke crowd to soft-pedal the “shapeshifting reptilians from outer space angle”:http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles3/obsessed.html).



John Quiggin 02.17.04 at 12:16 pm

(although they might have to get the Icke crowd to soft-pedal the shapeshifting reptilians from outer space angle).

How so? Surely the Republican base would be just as concerned about shapeshifting reptilians from outer space as Icke and his friends. And even if they’re not an imminent threat, it would be better to take pre-emptive action than to wait for their attack.


Henry Farrell 02.17.04 at 5:15 pm

Yeah – but they claim that the Bush dynasty are a cadet branch of the shapeshifting reptile conspiracy as I recall, which would be hard to square with Republicans. Daniel is our resident Icke expert – he may have some further wisdom to impart.


test 02.18.04 at 12:28 am



Richard Kahn 02.18.04 at 7:25 pm

I just posted a paper to my blog on Icke, radical politics, and shape shifting Reptoids, fyi…


cheers! keep up the good blogging…


dsquared 02.18.04 at 7:36 pm

The Bush family are by no means cadets; they’re one of the most important lizard bloodlines of the lot. Icke refers to them as the “Bush/Ramses” bloodline, on the basis of a genealogy which if you were to criticise it, you’d say it’s pretty sketchy for the period between 2000BC and 1850.

They’re still, of course, pawns of the real lizard rulers of the earth, however, whose names nobody really knows.

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