Silent majorities

by Henry Farrell on February 27, 2004

More and more, when I come across academic blogs that I’ve never read before, they have links to Crooked Timber. This is all very nice and gratifying – but it also suggests that there are bloggers out there who are aware of CT, qualify for the academic blogroll, but aren’t there for the simple reason that I don’t know about them. If you meet the “criteria”: email me, and I’ll put you up.



Matt Weiner 02.27.04 at 7:00 pm

Or who have e-mailed you, but haven’t been added yet… Actually, since I am currently in a state of uncertainty as to whether I mailed my rent check, I should not be so certain that I succeeded in sending that e-mail. And e-mail can be unreliable anyhow. Anyway, I’ll resend the message, or just click my link. Tx.


nnyhav 02.27.04 at 10:17 pm

You might just add a link to Professors Who Blog.

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