The September Project

by Eszter Hargittai on April 21, 2004

Where will you be on September 11th?



Nasi Lemak 04.21.04 at 10:19 pm

Do these people not realise that “earnest” is a pejorative term?


Elayne Riggs 04.21.04 at 10:23 pm

As far away from Manhattan as possible…


mdog 04.21.04 at 11:54 pm

Uh hu…yay yay USA, go Team Democracy…that’s what I’ll be doing on 91104, I’m sure.

Libraries are best for subversive purposes, not to prop up an empire that needs to die. 911 has, ever since, been a shining example of some of the differences between liberal apologists and radical critics of power. I don’t mean to be too nasty about it, I’m usually a very personable fellow, but the patriotic left leaves me awfully dissapointed.


George Williams 04.22.04 at 12:49 am

“Uh hu…yay yay USA, go Team Democracy…that’s what I’ll be doing on 91104, I’m sure.”

Oh! Oh! Are we doing sarcasm? Great! My turn! My turn! Um… I know:

Indeed. Why encourage people to think for themselves and engage in dialogue? It’s much better to cram polemical screeds down people’s throats.

Hey, this is fun.


billyfrombelfast 04.22.04 at 1:07 am

This Paddy will be at my desk in lower Manhattan working, same as I have been every 11th September in the last few years, including 2001.


LiL 04.22.04 at 2:37 am

It will be Saturday, so, for my part, I may even go to my local library…


rick 04.22.04 at 2:38 am

Wow. 11 of 9 falls on Saturday this year. I guess I’ll wake up, do the usual, hit the recycles center at the farmers’ market; do the Saturday shopping; stop in at my local pub and bitch about SEC v ACC football; go home hear the Wife bitch about why I haven’t done something…I’m sorry, what was the question?


mdog 04.22.04 at 2:40 am

george, you’re right. no sarcasm here. i’m sorry. over the top political screed more pushy than needed, bad habbit.


LiL 04.22.04 at 2:41 am

But seriously, I will probably not be thinking about what it means to be an American citizen, well-informed or otherwise. And neither will all the other immigrants in the library here that day, trying to check out a movie (they’ve a good collection,) check email sent from (gasp!) another country, read an Indian newspaper… This is New Jersey, after all.


Theophylact 04.22.04 at 3:40 pm

Celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary. (We postponed the 21st for severaldays for obvious reasons.)


canuck 04.23.04 at 5:05 am

Won’t the World Cup of Hockey be on then? Go, Canada, Go!


heh 04.23.04 at 11:08 pm

I loved this bit…

round tables: Organize local professionals to offer various perspectives on topics like the Patriot Act, education, health care, and democracy.

Notably missing: the topic of Islamic terrorism and what to do about it. Funny, musta just slipped their notice…


Tarius 04.27.04 at 12:28 am

Many people do not know where they will be on 911. Some people do not know where they will be the next day… Just think about those people that have lost loved ones on 20010911. Think about all those people that have lost their house because their loved ones where the ones paying off the mortgage, or the where the one that took care of the kids while they where out. I don’t know where i’ll be on 911, but I will say one thing, I didn’t loose anyone on 911, but I know that someone did. And someone will have tears in their eyes by the time 911 comes to an end.

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