Bits and pieces

by Chris Bertram on May 16, 2004

A couple of bloggable bits from the programme booklet for last nights opera. There’s an advertisment for the “National Theatre’s production of Iphigenia at Aulis”: , where the copy reads

bq. Just how far will a leader go in order to save face and secure a military victory in the East?

How far indeed?

And the notes for Valerie Reid (mezzo soprano, Grimgerde in Valkyrie) tell us that her plans include

bq. Natasha [in] ” _The Electrification of the Soviet Union_ for Music Theatre Wales”: .

Comments from anyone who has seen that piece?



Motoko Kusanagi 05.16.04 at 11:28 am

Haven’t seen it, but the title sounds familiar.

I remember. Here’s an article I saw some time ago, by the author of the libretto:

The first night at Glyndebourne, I was under the strong illusion that the words were at least 90% audible. However, I suggested a more modest figure to my wife: 70%. She smiled politely over my shoulder and answered discreetly: “Seven per cent. Sorry.”


rea 05.17.04 at 1:18 pm

“How far indeed?”

Seriously bad news for Jenna . . .

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