Passion of the present

by Chris Bertram on May 26, 2004

Via “Lance Knobel”: I see that Jim Moore has started a blog to encourage more coverage of the unfolding tragedy in the Sudan, “The Passion of the Present”: .



Adrian Spidle 05.26.04 at 8:13 pm

Lonely and slightly confused Right Winger seeks intelligent but gentle Left Winger for meaningful discussion of today’s issues. Show me the error of my ways, PLEASE.


novalis 05.27.04 at 12:17 am

adrian spidle is a comment spammer — he made an identical post at Body and Soul, and some of the comments on some of his articles note that he did the same to others. It’s possible that he’s doing it manually, but it’s still totally uncool. Plus, he’s a total nutter — notice the quantum bullshit linked in the sidebar.

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