Bargains at Night Shade Books

by Henry Farrell on June 21, 2004

“Night Shade Books”:, one of the best small press publishers around, is running a special offer until midnight tomorrow – order three or more of their books, and you’ll get a discount of 50%. I’d especially recommend M. John Harrison’s extraordinary novel, The Course of the Heart, and his short story collection, “Things that Never Happen”:, which I’ve “blogged about”: previously; NSB has also done very nice reprints of Dunsany’s “Jorkens stories”:



Russell L. Carter 06.22.04 at 5:40 am

So I’m 40 pages (today) into Vladimir Tasic’s book on.. well these here ellipses, right here this one… and this one…, and I’ve got “Things That Never Happen” on the bookshelf, half read; the parts unread surely eclipse that imbibed so far, admittedly. And the reading of the Tasic is prompted by a Notices of the American Mathematical Society book review of DFW’s E&M by Michael Harris (RbMH). Which I only blogwhore about because RbMH reminded me about how I so much hated reading, minutely, IJ; yet it (IJ) learned me essential things I’d really rather not share, and all from the structure of that fucking text. Well of course that and a trip down the North Bass Trail in early June with a (i did not realize this beforehand) al anone AAA hard core reformed types, who like to killed me.

Point is, I can’t see any worth at all in any of these obscure Sci Fi authors, they all suck, and steal fudgcicles. DFW, though, steals your mind.


Numan 06.22.04 at 1:59 pm

It seems Things That Never Happen is not available for ordering. And it sounds so promising too.


Henry 06.22.04 at 2:41 pm

It must have sold out in the last 24 hours – they still had copies of the paperback yesterday. I imagine they’ll be reprinting it sometime soon – I think it’s been one of their bigger sellers. There’s a UK edition coming out soon as well.

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