Political blogger who is who dinner

by Eszter Hargittai on September 4, 2004

Thanks to Henry Farrell and Dan Drezner, those attending the American Political Science Association’s meetings in Chicago this weekend were in for quite a treat at yesterday afternoon’s session on The Power and Politics of Blogs. The session started out with two papers (one by Henry and Dan, the other by Laura McKenna formerly of Apt 11D and Antoinette Pole) followed by some interesting commentary from well-known political bloggers Mark Kleiman and Ana Marie Cox aka Wonkette and a final discussion with some good questions and thoughtful points by Cass Sunstein. The Q&A was interesting as well, congrats to Henry and Dan for putting together such a great panel! (As an additional treat, I finally got to meet (albeit way too briefly) another Timberite, Harry, so my CT number improved a bit again.)

Later in the evening, a bunch of us met up for drinks and dinner, which provided a nice oppportunity to chat with people whose blogs I’ve been reading for a while. I enjoyed discussing the topical versus ideological splits in the blogosphere with Cass Sunstein. I have a project that is attempting to test the latter (which I usually just refer to as the Sunstein thesis) empirically, and will certainly keep you posted. All-in-all, it was really fun to meet all these bloggers face-to-face and, again, thanks to Henry and Dan for organizing such a great blogger day!



Kieran Healy 09.04.04 at 6:05 pm

Political blogger who is who dinner

That’s a really hard sentence to parse.


eszter 09.04.04 at 6:41 pm

Don’t think of it as a sentence.;-) How about “add hyphens where appropriate”?


Kieran Healy 09.04.04 at 6:44 pm

OK .. Political-blogger who is who-dinner


eszter 09.04.04 at 6:52 pm

Uhm, is there supposed to be a smiley at the end of that? What’s a who-dinner?

I would have gone with Political-blogger who-is-who dinner, but I ain’t no native speaker.


Kieran Healy 09.04.04 at 7:09 pm

I know what you mean — sorry for giving you a hard time.


Kieran Healy 09.04.04 at 7:12 pm

I mean it’s totally unfair, really. It’s not like my Hungarian or even my French is of an especially high standard.


eszter 09.04.04 at 7:30 pm

Yeah, well, the question is how your Hungarian would be after a decade or so over there.. and your French after a year in a francophone country. Not that I’m suggesting you try either (the latter may be fun, the former I suggest leaving to our imagination;).


dsquared 09.04.04 at 8:04 pm

“Political blogger ‘Who’s Who?’ dinner”

would be my favourite if we’re composing a stylebook.


Peter Murphy 09.05.04 at 3:41 am

My first read it had it as “Political blogger who is dinner”. Hey look – Glenn Reynolds! Let’s eat him.


tina 09.05.04 at 6:51 am


Where were you at the sociology bloggers’ drink? We missed you!


eszter 09.05.04 at 6:55 am

Tina, I’m afraid I was thousands of miles away in NYC. I was very sorry to miss it!:(


David Tiley 09.05.04 at 12:35 pm

Poliblogger hero nosh-up!

Even here, my fingers hesitated over the hyphen. Is age making me old-fashioned…. or oldfashioned?


zizka / John Emerson 09.05.04 at 10:24 pm

Jesus. the real question is: What does the APSA have to say about ass-fucking?


David Ehrenstein 09.06.04 at 2:19 am

Was Ann-Marie’s Pet-Faggot-On-A-Leash “Boi From Troy” there?

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